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Clara & Roy Hodges

Remlap, Alabama 35133

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The price of this puppy is ________________. Payment must be received before shipping or delivery or by _______________. Buyer(s) is/are aware that the puppy is sold with only what guarantees are expressed under marked sections. Deposits are non-refundable, but may be used towards the purchase of a puppy of equal value, and must be used within 1 year of original deposit date, or deposit will become null and void. No refund. Remlap Poms Pomeranians does hereby certify that to the best of our knowledge, the puppy sold is in good health, and that all shots are current. All known faults have been declared to the buyer. Deposits are only good for 14 days from receipt.

Puppy (ies) must be completely paid for before delivery or shipping, and shipping charges 1 week prior to shipping. When the pup is old enough to ship I will work with you on setting a shipping date, and once shipping arrangments have been made, if buyer can not make that shipping date, and the shipping date has to be cancelled…a $7.00 a day kennel fee will be added to the account up to the day the puppy is shipped out. This amount will be due before the puppy will be able to be shipped to it’s new owner.

If this puppy is being held for buyer past the date of sale, pickup or shipping date, buyer is responsible for all shots to keep pup in an up to date condition. Distemper/parvo shots are given every 3 weeks until 16 weeks of age and at 16 weeks of age a rabies vaccination is given. The cost of these is 20 per shot for distemper/parvo, and 12.50 for rabies. These charges must be paid in full before picking up the puppy or before shipping can be arranged. If the pup is kept past the date buyer agrees to pick said puppy up, there will be a $7.00 per day kenneling charge that must be paid before pickup.

Seller is not responsible for any problems/illness/death due to shipping. Insurance will be purchased on any dog being shipped. Any kenneling cost due to layovers in flight, etc… will be the responsibility of the Buyer.

Shipping is available at the Buyer’s expense only and might be included in the price only when stated in the ad.. Seller is not responsible for any shipping expenses.unless so stated in ad . . and there are no refunds due to shipping problems. Buyer will receive puppy/adult when weather permits to ship, and will be arranged by the Seller.

SHIPPING NOTICE: ALL Dogs purchased from Remlap Poms are required to have shipping insurance, this is purchased at the time of shipping. After the puppy is released to the airlines, the insurance covers that puppy for the flight, from lose or injury. When picking up your puppy from the airport, INSPECT your new puppy to be sure he is okay and in good health. Then at that time you can sign a release to the airlines, which states you have received the puppy in good health, this releases the airlines from any additional claims and responsibility. Don't sign a release until you have inspected your new baby. Accidents rarely do happen, but can happen, that is why I require insurance on all puppies sold. The puppy is your responsiblity once you sign the release, vet care, maintenance, etc. The breeder is not responsible for accidents or injury due to shipping.

_________This puppy is being sold as PET ONLY.. Meaning this puppy is sold as a pet and no guarantees are forthcoming as to his/her breeding capabilities. Seller assumes no responsibility as to the breeding or show capabilities of this puppy. Seller does not guarantee size as an adult, only size of puppy at time of sell, and can only guarantee color at time of the sale. Puppy is sold without AKC papers.   REPLACEMENT IS THE ONLY OPTION.

___________BREEDER FULL RIGHTS. ____If this puppy is being sold as a pet only with full rights, the buyer must use his/her descretion if they breed and seller is not held accountable for any problems. AKC papers will be for Full Registration rights. 

___________BREEDER  LIMITED RIGHTS ____If this puppys is being sold as a pet only limited rights, the said puppy must be "fixed"  (spayed/neutered) and must not be used for breeding, meaning also, this puppy is not to be registered ‘CKC’ and used for breeding. Akc papers will state Limited Registration. 

__________This male puppy is being sold as BREEDING STUD. Seller assumes no responsibility as to the reproduction capabilities of this male or female puppy. Males will have two testicles descended into the scrotum at maturity or a replacement will occur when one becomes available. Seller does not guarantee size as an adult, only size of puppy at the time of sell, and can only guarantee color at time of sale. REPLACEMENT IS THE ONLY OPTION. Optional $100.00 added to cost for breeding prospect. 

____The buyer also agrees that said puppy is not being purchased for any other person other than who is listed on this contract. This puppy is not being purchased to be resold to another individual(s), breeder, Pet Store, etc.

To the best of the sellers knowledge, this puppy is free of disease and defects as of the date of the sale. On ______________my vet examined the puppy. Puppies that are shipped out of state by air will have obtained a health certificate. The buyer has 24 hours for the puppy’s time of arrival to have the puppy checked by a veterinarian of his/her choice at the buyer’s expense. If the buyers vet exam reveals that the puppy has a life threatening disease to the heart or lungs AND A second veterinarian concurs with the diagnosis, the puppy must be returned at the buyer’s expense and must be returned in 48 hours of diagnosis, to the seller, and a replacement will be made when one becomes available.

The seller will only consider replacement due to mentioned above health issues, not because the Buyer changes his/her mind, puppy goes into uglies and looks different, puppy/dog barks, puppy/dog chews, house breaking issues, or for any other reasons etc. All of these issues can be addressed with proper training by the new owner.

On adults and older puppies, 5 months or older, no guarantees are forthcoming unless noted on additional comments and agreed and intialed by both seller and buyer.

This guarantee does not cover HYPOGLYCEMIA (low blood sugar) as this is a condition not a disease. It is brought on by not eating properly, stress, too much handling, etc. If the puppy is not eating, tempt him/her with baby food (strained meat), cottage cheese, hamburger or canned food. Karo syrup can be added to the food, or nutra-cal can be given 2 or 3 times a day until he/she is eating properly.

  • * * * NOTE TO BUYER* * * *

Jurisdiction, Venue and Attorney’s fees. The sole jurisdiction for any suit filed by the seller or buyer in any way connected with this agreement shall be in Blount County, Oneonta, Alabama. The prevailing party in any litigation shall be entitled to their reasonable cost and attorneys fees.

I recommend a proper diet of Pro Plan, Iams (Eukanuba) products or Science Diet, no table scraps, to maintain a fit, trim, and healthy pomeranian.

Seller has first refusal rights (buy back) if the buyer decides he/she is no longer able to keep the said puppy, and should be notified immediately if a situation arises and buyer is not able to  keep the puppy. If the seller does not purchase puppy back, the seller will help in new home placement of said puppy. Buy back price can not exceed the amount the puppy was purchased for from the seller.







CLARA HODGES______________________________________________


Additional Information:______________________________________________________

BAD CHECKS:  If a check was taken as a deposit for the above pup or dog,  and the check does not clear the bank, it is the buyer's responsibility to contact us as soon as possible or the pup will be put back up for sale.   If you give us a bad check, you are also committing a crime and we will prosecute you.  All returned checks where the buyer contacts us are subject to what the bank charges for the check being turned down and also a $50 bad check charge from me.  This will have to be paid if you want to keep the pup and we are contacted within 2 days of your bank notifying you that your check bounced. 

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