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Hypoglycemia is a condition known as low blood sugar.  This is when the puppy's blood glucose level drops below a safe range.  We like to see it stay between 80-120.  All toy breeds are at risk of this happening to them especially as young pups.  The smaller the puppy the higher the risk.  It can generally happen when the pup or dog is under stress, food change, medication change, shots or wormer is given.  It can happen when the dog is tired from exhaustion induced from playing, not eating right, flying or traveling.  It can also happen to anyone and is easily remedied if caught right away and dealt with correctly.  As you can see many things can bring on these symptoms.  Being very aware of your puppy and his/her normal behavior will help you immensely in figuring out what the problem is.  It is crucial that you act quickly as your puppy's life could be in jeopardy. 

Some of the symptoms of hypoglycemia are as follows:

Tired or lethargic,  Listlessness, weakness, depression, a change in sleep habits, a change in eating habits,

These symptoms are often followed by:

Muscle weakness, tremors, convulsions, wobbly, jerky, or coma

What to do if you suspect hypoglycemia.

If you see one or more of these symptoms you must act immediately.  If the puppy is still conscious give nutrical or karo syrup or even 1 tsp sugar mixed well with 1tbsp warm water.  I use a small syringe without a needle or a medication dropper for this.  This should help within 15 minutes, often sooner.  If the puppy will not take the nutrical rub a small amount on his/her gums with your finger.  You can also us karo syrup and do the same.  You can continue doing this until you see the puppy wake up and exhibit more energy. 

If the puppy is unconscious contact your vet immediately. 

To avoid hypoglycemia in your young pup only feed good quality dog food and only allow hard play for no more than 20 minutes.  Make sure your baby gets plenty of rest and eats regularly.  I suggest leaving dry food available at all times and plenty of fresh water.  If you are not going to be leaving food out feed him/her at least 4 times a day.  For the first 2 weeks I suggest feeding Eukanuba small breed canned food 2x a day.  I also give all my puppies cottage cheese twice a day to help with upset tummies and the runs.  It is great for them and loaded with protein which will help keep their blood sugar up.  Most dogs love it.  You can use yogurt and powdered milk but I've found cottage cheese to be the most palatable with my puppies.  You can also give nutrical or karo syrup 2 x a day for the first week to get through the big change in moving. 

If your puppy has more than one episode of low blood sugar have your vet check him/her over thouroughly to rule out worms or coccidea. 

Feeding Schedule is as follows:

Eukanuba small breed puppy canned food - morning and night

2 tablespoons cottage cheese mid morning and mid afternoon ( do not feed low fat they need all they can get)

leave Eukanuba small breed dry food down at all times,  fresh water at all times.

You can buy nutrical and any other pet supplies at any pets plus, pet supermarket, petco, pets mart or superpetz and most feed supply stores.  You can also get it on line at Revival animal or 

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