Remlap Poms

AKC Pomeranian Puppies


Below is a view of kennel before building construction is started. 

This is where our adults are kept for exercise and containment.  Our bred females are brought into our home 2-3 weeks prior to whelping so that we can clean them up and prepare them for their motherhood experience.  They are kept with their puppies until they wean them theirselves, normally at around 5-7 weeks.  Once mom starts only going to her pups 1 time a day we remove them since they are already eating wet and dry food by that time. 

Hi and Welcome to a view of the kennel work in progress.  We have finally gotten our pens in and set up on our concrete slab.  There will be a roof over the pens hopefully by the end  June  of 2015  so the tarps are temporary shade providers.  Each pen is 10x10x6,  We went with 6 ft high pens to keep out stray big dogs if any happen to come near.  Each pen has 3 dogs.  Each pen opens down the middle cleared area,  The whole inside area can be reached only through 2 gates,  one on  top end and one on the front side in the middle.  If while we are checking each pen, the dogs get out of that pen, they can't go anywhere.  These 2 gates can now be locked for security reasons.  Our next project is wiring security lights, motion detectors and driveway alarms. 

Once we put our roof over the kennel the building will be removed and pens will be put down the back side where the building now sits.  The building then will be moved behind our house to another concrete slab for a maternity ward for females that are expecting.  They will stay there until time to bring them into the nursury that is in the front bedroom of my house.  

Please remember this is a work in progress and not completed at this time. 




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