Remlap Poms

AKC Pomeranian Puppies


Picked up Pups and Adults:

 Puppies may be picked up as soon as they have had their first innoculations and been checked by our vet. 

CASH only if you want to take your pup home with you once you see him/her.  Otherwise,  a deposit is required.



All pups shipped by air must be paid for in advance along with the air fare.  This price is given to you once you tell us where you are.  If it is cheaper to delivery by car we offer you that option also.  We have references of previous buyers from out of state so don't hesitate to ask us for some. 


Delivered pups and adults:

Delivery charges must be paid in full before we will deliver a pup to you.  We will send you photos of the pup for you to see and once we meet you can make up your mind about the pup.  No delivery charge will be refunded, but you don't pay for the pup until you see it in person, then you pay cash for the pup or dog. 

Puppy can be delivered as soon as it is weaned and had its first series of innoculations.  Papers will be given to you when you meet to pick pup up.  Delivered price does not include pup carrier so please have one available or let us know if you need to purchase one.  We have sizes that will be big enough once grown which is the size we use at all times.  We offer delivery to Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, and Florida.  If any of these areas are half way for you, it can be a big savings in air fares for you.  We do charge for delivery but sometimes it is faster and safer than air travel. 


Forms of Payment for shipped and delivered pups and adults:

1. Cash only if you want to take your pup with you when you view him/her

2. We will take personal checks only for deposit on pups that will be shipped or delivered after 3 weeks. We DO NOT take checks the last three  weeks before Christmas, Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day or any other holiday.  Checks and non-us postal money orders take up to three weeks to clear our bank so if you want a pup faster than 3 weeks bring cash

3.  U.S. Postal Money Orders only,  but  pup will not be shipped until it has been cashed.

4.  Western Union Wire- Best method to use if you want the pup within a day by delivery or a couple days to a week by air.  Shipping by air arrangements are not made until paid in full.

5. Walmart Wire - This method can also be used instead of Western Union.

6.  We DO NOT take PayPal paymentsWe have a personal friend who had someone back out of a paypal payment after getting a very healthy show puppy and she was never able to get  her money back or the puppy so at this time, we offer 3 very good methods of payments but not Pay Pal. 


We will gladly furnish you names and addresses and emails of people we have sold puppies and adults to. 

Returned Checks:  If we take a check that comes back account closed or non suffiecient funds, you will be responsible for picking up the check plus added bank charges and a bad check charge from us of $50.  added to the bank charges and the original amount of the check.  We will not contact you if your check does not clear the bank, so if you want the pup, you need to contact us as soon as your bank notifies you  of its failure,  we will not hold that pup for you as bounced checks clear us of obligation to hold that pup for you. 

Other Pets:

CASH at time of pickup or if delivered the pet must be paid in full by Western Union Money Wire, in advance of shipping or delivery arrangements.


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