Remlap Poms

AKC Pomeranian Puppies

Here at Remlap Poms, we raise all our babies in our home. All puppies are vet examined thoroughly before leaving our home.

If we have a very small puppy that has been purchased, we will hold that puppy until we are sure the new owner is equipped and knowledgeable enough to care for it thru any stress.  We will not let a puppy go to a new home until we think that puppy is ready for its new home, regardless of age. We don't intentionally try to breed for small puppies but do occasionally have one. 

They each come with their first set of shots, sometimes more, depending on how long they are with us.

We give our puppies shots every 3 weeks starting at 6 weeks until they are 16 weeks of age, but always ask your vet what schedule he wants your new puppy on. 

We give a medical sheet showing what shots have been given along with the label off the bottle of vaccine and what wormings and medicines have been given along with any vet visits and what was done at the visit or after the visit. 

If you find it necessary to pay for your puppy past the end of deposit two weeks, that is fine, but the puppy stays with us and you are responsible for the costs of extra shots to keep the puppy in an up to date condition on his/her innoculations until you have him/her paid for and pick him/her up.  This does not include the period stated on deposits( ie:  100 will hold for 14 days, etc).  I will furnish shots for the period stated on deposits but if held after that they would be new owner/buyers responsibility. 

DEPOSITS: $100 will hold any pup shown for 2 weeks unless otherwise stated, some pups might have a larger deposit posted ( blue merles, whites and blues) but that deposit will hold for 2 weeks only. Check each pups photo ad for any changes in deposit amount. If we have not received final payment on pup or prior arrangements made before end of the two week period the pup will be put back out on available list.  We will not hold the pup longer than 2 weeks without understanding between buyer and Remlap Poms and additional monies received on the pup. 

All puppies come pre-spoiled and very social. All puppies are AKC registered, limited or full, depending on what is agreed on between the buyer and myself.

AKC Registration Rights

This full/partial registration rights program is an effort on the part of concerned breeders and the AKC to stop the spread of "puppy mills" and to limit indiscriminant breeding.

Full registration rights = Your new puppy is a truly AKC-registered, 100%  Pomeranian.  If he/she is bred, his/her puppies will be eligible for AKC registration.  Your puppy  will be eligible to enter all AKC events, including confirmation.

Limited registration rights = Your new puppy is a truly AKC-registered  100% Pomeranian.  If he/she is bred, his/her puppies will not be eligible for registration  with the AKC.  Your puppy will be eligible to enter most AKC events such as obedience and agility trials, but not confirmation shows. 

Each puppy will be coming to you with a copy of the parent's pedigree, if we have it.

If you pick up the puppy yourself, please bring a kennel carrier with you or you can purchase one from us as these are not included in the price of picked up puppies. 

Also, If your picking up an extremely small puppy, one that will be really small as adult, please read our section on Hypoglycemia. This could be a matter of life and death for your pup. 




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